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What are Crypto Moonies?

Crypto Moonies are a high-quality collection of NFT figurines minted exclusively on the WAX blockchain. Their mission is simple: to explore the vastness of space and to take the digital economy further than it has ever gone before! Their task is not easy, but they have taken up the challenge for the benefit of all mankind.


The first Crypto Moonies embarked on their journey to the moon in early April 2021. A limited supply of first-edition Moonies drop weekly and are available to initially purchase at our NeftyBlocks Collection page.

The collection will be made exclusively available in the cryptomoonie collection on WAX.

How to Claim Drops

Public Crypto Moonie Drops will be announced via Twitter.

To purchase, you will need a WAX Wallet, which you can set up for free at WAX Cloud Wallet. Once your wallet is set up and funded, you can use it to login to NeftyBlocks to execute a purchase.

Once the initial offering is depleted, the only way to purchase a specific Crypto Moonie will be on the secondary market.

First-edition drops are limited in supply and usually sell out in a matter of seconds. A specific Crypto Moonie might be minted later based on popular demand; however, there will be variations within the art as well as the blockchain data to indicate that it is not a first-edition mint. This will also be recorded in the blockchain record.

Enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to stay up to date on social media for Drop announcements.


To increase your chances of claiming a first-edition Crypto Moonie for your NFT collection, follow CREEK on Twitter and set up alerts to be notified as soon as the drops go live. You can also join our Discord server to get the drop announcements and to stay up to date on the project.
There will also be giveaway contests happening with every Drop as well!

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